Interview with Katrien Verfaillie (Pigeon on piano)

Pigeon on piano is a new ensemble that was conceived by the pianist and neoclassical composer Katrien Verfaillie. She plays live in duet with violinist Emile Verstraeten. This year is particularly important for their project because they have just completed their CD. Nomos Alpha is keen to seize new musical trends: in this exclusive interview Katrien Verfaillie tells us how did her music and what are plans for the future.

© Lieven Dirckx

© Lieven Dirckx

1. In this period do not circulate a lot of information about Pigeon on piano. I would like to ask you: when you format your ensemble and when did the first public concert?

There is a logical explanation why you cannot find much about Pigeon: my project only just started. Three years ago I could not imagine that I would be playing the piano on a professional level. It all started when I re-discoverd the piano, I did not play the piano since my childhood, this is about 22 years ago. Inspiration came to me fast to make my own compositions after my father died. I cannot write music, never had an education for this, but everything I compose, I record it immediately. In a fast tempo I gave small concerts in the city I live (Ghent). Hesitant in the beginning, because I did not have the ‘stage’ experience and little technique. Hence: lots of home concerts and some retraining. Meanwhile I have been selected for ‘new talent’, now I get subsidies and I’m starting a tour in the Flanders, Belgium. Emile Vertsraeten on violin and me on piano.

2. Your music has a classical structure. Nowadays, perhaps, classical music is a choice against the current. What made you decide to invest in this kind of music? It was difficult to find a label for this project?

It’s not really a choice that I make. The music comes from my ‘gut feeling’ accidentally it has lots of classical influences. Above all, I want to tell a story with my piano. There’s not yet a label for my music. My first Ep is ready and is now circulating. It’s great to get very positive international reactions so fast (London, Paris). This is very promising.

3. For some time runs on line Time flies video. This piece belongs to an album. Can you talk about?

This video clip is indeed the first piece I put on youtube. My first Ep with 5 of my compositions is now ready. Time flies is one of them, but now it’s called Pigeon Mood. This year we complete our first full CD. Very exciting…Waiting for a great release!

4. The ensemble is formed by the piano, violin, cello, harp and electronics. What role do they play in your project Cornillie Steven and Tim Vandenbergh?

Yes, I played live with a cellist (harp and electronica). Currently I play with a violinist. On the CD you can hear in the arrangement: a string quartet, double bass and accordeon. The arrangements are made and written up till this day by Steven Cornillie and Tim Vandenbergh. In close cooperation with me. And it’s very important, I work together with a great producer ‘Jo Francken’. What a sound!

5. What are your future plans as a musician?

I hope to play lots of live concerts. My dream is to play abroad as wel as in my home country. It would be fabulous to be asked to compose music for a beautiful motion picture…And I think that I have a chance to do this one day.

Web site: Pigeon on piano

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